We left Bhutan on 28 August, exactly one month after arriving as per the government visa regulations.

Five of us flew into Kathmandu and made our way to Shambaling Hotel. A wonderful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

We have spent the last couple of days resting and relaxing, wandering around the stupa and down to the river to the cremation ghats.

It has rained most days and the streets are awash with mud and debris. It’s a bit of a hazard to walk around…slowly, slowly….I certainly don’t want to slip over at this stage of the journey!

Yesterday, we took a wrong turn through the streets and got caught in a very heavy downpour. We were saturated by the time we reached the hotel. Barb was drying her boots with a hairdryer. I think I’ll just leave my sandals in the bin!

Visiting Pashupatinath, was very sombering, the Hindus were preparing their loved ones for cremation, first washing the bodies before carrying them to the funeral pyres prepared along the river. It was quite a long ritual. There were a number of cremations happening along the river.

Wandering around Boudhanath Stupa today, we had lunch at a rooftop cafe…great place for people watching.

So here we are at the end of our journey, what a time we have had! Thanks Barb for taking me with you to Bhutan, I’ve had an unbelievably wonderful time. Lifetime memories are made of this!

5 thoughts on “Katmandu#2

  1. Absolutely fabulous Chris!! Such an incredible experience. Have really enjoyed your pics and stories along the way. Thank you!
    Did you see the Living Goddess?


  2. Wow Chris
    You will have enriched the lives of the students and Teachers in Tang Valley….just as you have enriched our lives in so many ways…your enthusiasm. Adventurous spirit….integrity
    I am sure they will have very fond memories of you and Barb.
    Safe travels.


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