California here we come…

On Monday we are leaving Sydney at 1pm, and arriving in Los Angeles at 12:45pm on the same day! We are doing a great big loop through 22 cities in 49 days…starting with a visit to Southern California to catch up with the delightful young couple, Trevor and Stephanie (who we met in Africa a couple of years ago)

We are catching trains and buses, and might even hire a car for the last part of the journey. So much of my childhood was influenced by American TV and movies. Later on both Lionel and I listened to hundreds of bands singing about places and experiences in the US of A and so we hope to get a feel for some of the towns that the Rock and Roll, Country & Western and Blues musicians sang about.

It’s a big country, so we aren’t travelling to the East Coast, we will save that for another visit. Still covering a fair bit of ground…California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico…only 38 more states to explore after that!

2 thoughts on “California here we come…

  1. Tetons Mountains Jackson Hole Wyoming, Bob says if you are any where near it’s spectacular scenery and History. Have a fab time, I’m so envious, my fave country to visit 🙂


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