Long distance information, give me Memphis, Tennessee

We arrived yesterday on the greyhound and made our way to the city. We caught a trolley along Main St and wandered along Beale St, home to the blues in Memphis. A very different city to Nashville, with a very different history. It’s not all about Elvis!

The Mississippi is huge! Today we visited Mud Island, which had a scale model of the river from it sources in Canada, right down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Next stop was the Museum, which was a fabulous surprise…it was so comprehensive. It had a replica Steamboat and a gunboat from the Civil War.

We spent longer than expected in the museum, so had to hightail it to the riverboat for its 2:30 departure…made it with time to spare! (20000 steps today!)

I loved the bridges over the river, and Memphis, named after the Egyptian city has its own pyramid too! Bizarre!

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