They’ve all come to look for America*

* Simon and Garfunkel

How could I not include this beautiful ballad? There are a few others I’d like to mention before this little road trip finishes…

*I’ve been everywhere by Johnny Cash…. (ok not quite but we gave it a good go…and can now add a few more states to our list…yes it might be one country, but each state was unique!)

*Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen… one of the things every American had in common was their hospitality, manners and desire to be helpful.

*This Land is your land by Woodie Guthrie… such a big country! Yes so is Australia, but there are over 325 million people living here! This land was made for you and me…please keep it that way!

*American Pie by Don McLean… and the music has certainly made me smile…in every town and city…

*We didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel… but they have certainly kept it burning! I love the patriotism, the pride and the attitude we experienced throughout our trip. There’s another saying “Only in America!” We found ourselves saying that quite a few times!

We are sitting at 🎵LA International Airport🎵 and our flight is not for hours yet, but it’s lovely to just sit and reflect on the last seven weeks. A special thankyou to Bernie and Lynne, and Trevor and Stephanie, who made the trip all the more special by inviting us into their homes and sharing their little slice of the USA with us.

(Can’t claim this one, it’s a photo at the museum…but so many movies use it as a backdrop…I had to include it!)

When we come back, I think we will get a car! Riding the dog and Amtrak was a memorable experience…but we’ve done that now and next time we’ll “Take it Easy!”

8 thoughts on “They’ve all come to look for America*

  1. What a trip! Incredible culmination of so many memories. You now don’t just have the travel bug, you have the ‘USA’ travel bug extension!


  2. Aww Chris! What a lovely conclusion to your journey. Safe flight home—and we will meet again! We’re feeling a bit sad you two aren’t on the same continent! And ps Lionel, there’s a rumor going around Santa Fe that Eric Clapton was in town. Haven’t said a word. 😉🤭🤫 Happy Trails!


    • Singing these songs in my head for the past seven weeks…a bit emotional that it has all come to an end! But, really looking forward to Summer being just around the corner and swimming!


  3. What a wonderful trip Chris! It has been really interesting to see different parts of America that we don’t usually see and reading about your adventures along the way. Thanks for taking the time to put it online for us all to share! Looking forward to hearing all about it over many drinks and swims soon. xx


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