Are we there yet?

We left Cathie very early this morning and are on board our first leg of the journey. About 7 more hours to Abu Dhabi, then a couple of hours in the transit lounge and on to Casablanca. Yay!

The plane is full, no spare seats to stretch out on…and the seats seem to get more cramped each time we travel. The young woman next to me has managed to sleep most of the way, she’s flexible enough to snuggle up in a very limited space! But not me, I’ve watched a movie (A Star is Born); played games til I’ve run out of lives; read the inflight magazine cover to cover and even managed a couple of pics of Uluru as we flew over.

So where to this time? Morocco for a month…then the ferry from Tangier to Spain. We’ll be following the coast through Portugal, back into Spain, ending in Barcelona.

Will we be riding on the Marrakech Express? I hope so!

6 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. On the road again! Happy, safe journey you two. Love from your American (well, technically English & Canadian) friends, Bernie & Lynne 🤗


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