Yesterday we caught the local bus to the windiest place I think I have ever been! Well, I had to really hang onto the iPad while I was taking pictures on the ramparts!

We are staying in the Medina. Our first challenge was to find our accommodation, as taxis drop you outside the gates! It only took us about half an hour! This is a very popular tourist destination, lots of groups following the leader or stopping at numerous cafes for coffee or tea.

The fresh fish smell is very strong, and there are many varieties of seafood available. The harbour is full of bright blue boats, as well as much larger vessels. Such a mess of nets too!

The alleyways and tiny shops are fabulous! I couldn’t resist a pendant, and probably paid way too much for it in the shop (a fraction of what he asked though)…especially when we saw heaps of similar ones laid out on the ground. My small contribution to someone’s wage! Haha!

Of course the windsurfers love it here, we counted over forty in the protected beach area. Nobody of course was out on the wild side of the Atlantic.

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