El Jadida

A one and a half hour train ride bought us to the “fishing village” of El Jadida… population around 200,000! We are staying within the walls of the old Portuguese city, and apart from the continuous hum of life going on around us it is fabulous!

There are ramparts, a seawall, a beach and a promenade. Everything you need really! And Lionel has turned 60 today. The young men are football mad…they are honing their skills by making goals about one metre wide.

Today Lionel went for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, the temperature was surprisingly pleasant. Not one woman in the water (well hardly any men either…) but it was not the place for me to bare my bountiful body!

We also visited The Cistern, which was remarkable. But the ramparts are what I loved the best! Yesterday, a number of young men were jumping from them, but today the tide was so low the rocks were very exposed, a risky activity I think!

4 thoughts on “El Jadida

  1. The song of the day is 🎵 Hqppy birthday 🎂 to you, Lionel! 60 and there you are in Morocco! You’re the Man! ( An old man, but the Man!) PS Bernie is today too! April 9. or are you the 10th? Cheers! He’ll tip one for you 🍻 Lynne & Bernie 🤗


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