Marrakech #2

Another day losing ourselves in the alleyways and souks of Marrakech. It was really warm this morning as we headed out to find the Saadian Tombs and a palace or two. We even thought we might visit a museum we had passed the day before and a photographic exhibition…but alas we didn’t pass that way again!

I love the stalls and the displays, so much colour and bling! Asking the price of an item is risky business, which is a bit frustrating when you have no idea how much something might be and just want a starting point!

We walked over 20000 steps today, so a bit of a rest was in order this afternoon before we returned to Jemaa-el Fna to see what entertainment was on offer this evening.

We wandered for a while, but it was a bit too early for the action, so we found a great rooftop cafe and watched the sights from there while having our dinner.There were musicians, snake charmers, men with monkeys, astrologers, gamblers and assorted other characters…some were a bit dodgy! All wanted to separate you from as many coins as you were willing to provide!

Tomorrow we are up early and off to the countryside/ desert for a couple of nights. Hope the camels have stirrups!

This is the way to our Riad! Not the sort of place to get lost in, especially at night!

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