We caught the bus from Fes and four hours later arrived in this gorgeous town. It is so popular, I think there are probably more tourists than locals! We are staying at Dar Zman, the guesthouse has a sunny rooftop where you can sit and watch the action on the streets below.

There is a much smaller square, with cafes and shops, a mosque along one side and a huge pine tree in the middle. It’s fun just sitting watching the numerous selfie takers!

Today we climbed up the mountain to the Spanish Mosque. It looked so much bigger from a distance, and I wasn’t huffing or puffing by the time we reached the top…a bonus! It was lovely gazing down on the city, a very peaceful place to be, until about fifty schoolkids started singing their way up the mountain (Just like in “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”!)

Many of the buildings are whitewashed or blue washed and they are beautiful, especially in the sun. The cobbled lanes and hilly location means there are not many motorbikes trying to get through. Just hundreds of tourists! There are so many colourful items for sale, but I just keep asking myself do I need it?? It also helps with the bargaining when I give myself a top price and stick to it!

So even though it is very busy, no one is pushy or trying too hard to sell you things…it is very relaxing and laid back, delightful!

14 thoughts on “Chefchaouen

    • Yes, my photos don’t really do it justice, but there were so many tourists posing in the beautiful alleyways, finding ones to photograph was a bit of a challenge. I think it is my favourite place in Morocco.


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