After a short bus ride from Chefchaouen, we arrived in Tetuan, which was a much larger city. Although it wasn’t too difficult to find our Riad…well after a little bit of tension! Our room is above a lane way, and even at 2am there are people about!

It is a very white city, such a contrast to Chefchaouen! There are some wide open plazas, and a palace for when the king visits. Actually there was a whole army of cleaners, polishing the columns and tiles in the off limits area in front of the palace.

We climbed up through the Medina to the Kasbah on top of the hill. It was very dilapidated and we weren’t allowed inside, but it gave us some fantastic views of the city and out to sea.

Cats everywhere again! And there is a lot of construction work going on around town.

We also found a small tannery to visit up close, and without any hidden agendas.

I also visited the Artisan school, where master craftsman were teaching groups of 4 or 5 boys the skills of the various crafts. Metalwork, woodwork, leatherwork, plasterwork and pottery. Very labour intensive work and very beautiful.

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