Our last stop in Morocco, the end of part one of our journey. By the time we reached here, we were happy to be staying in a hotel away from the bustling Medina.

This is what I had expected in Casablanca, (but construction had obstructed much of the waterfront near the city) so it was lovely to walk along the wide boulevards and see the beautiful old buildings with their shutters and wrought iron.

There is a lot of construction going on here too, and the waterfront is being reclaimed and transformed into modern apartments. There seems to be hundreds of day trippers coming over from Spain. There is a huge cruise ship that has come and gone and come again while we have been here.

We have had some seafood here, mostly fried fish, calamari, prawns. Beer and wine have also been available, so we enjoyed a drink or three!

We are now on the ferry from Tangier to Tarifa in Spain…I’m sure there was a movie something like “Flight to Tangier”, which conjured up visions for me, years ago. Well it’s another exotic destination we have ticked off our list.

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