We only had one night in Cadiz, but we were keen to visit as it is one of the oldest continuously in use seaports…since Phoenician times! Romans, Moors, Spanish lots of different nations have been in charge.

Those boxes are cat homes! Someone is looking after them.

Our room was in an apartment…no signage except for the street name and number! It looked like hundreds of others. There were no taxis when we arrived, so we took the bags for an extensive tour of the city.

There are some magnificent buildings, including castles and churches. The seafront has a promenade, and there were plenty of people enjoying the sunshine on the small beach…

We had dinner (late lunch for the locals) at one of hundreds of cafes along a pedestrian street. Fresh octopus salad, shrimp fritters the juice from the salad was delicious with white crusty bread!

San Sebastián Castle was used as a scene in Die another Day (Bond) so we wandered along the causeway, but you couldn’t go inside.

We walked back to the bus station, through the narrow streets, past the church and plaza. Saturday morning markets were setting up…but no rush…it was 10am. We stopped in the square, ate some bread with tomatoes, and sat watching the crowd for a while, and then moseyed on down to the bus station.

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