What a great city! We have arrived during a very big event “Feria de Abril”. We don’t know much about what’s going on, but everyone seemed to be out and about, dressed in their finest and heading for the fair.

We were on the hop on hop off bus and could see the crowds congregating in the distance…A thick, dense mass of people! Anyway there was enough to see around town, some fabulous buildings, horse drawn carriages and hundreds of women dressed in their best flamenco 💃 gowns!

Free (well busking) entertainment was on show around the city sights, such passion! I just wanted to join in.

There were also crowds waiting patiently to enter the Alcazar gardens, a Game of Thrones location, the architecture is just amazing.

dWe finally managed some tapas/pinchos today. You choose what you want and then pay by the number of skewers you have on your plate. Delicious!

One of the most amazing places was The Plaza of Espana, very impressive.

2 thoughts on “Sevilla

  1. Wow!!!! You certainly picked the right day to arrive. It must have been wonderful watching all the dancers. Love the Plaza


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