We chose this town as a halfway stop, and stayed at another grand old hotel. Right near the river, we had a wrought iron balcony and French doors…I love that combination.

The old town is built along the river and up the hill. Steep, winding, slippery cobblestone streets lead you puffing and panting to the top of the hill, which of course is worth the climb when you see the view.

We wandered through the backstreets, into the Botanic Gardens and past many decorative historical churches and buildings. But often it is the older, sometimes dilapidated houses that I like to see.

Coimbra is a University town, full of young people and we are mostly invisible! Lots of walking, but not much else to do. It was very interesting watching and listening to the action on the street though!

We also stopped in at a very unusual shop, where they were selling tinned fish. Quite expensive but very intricate designs on the packages. We also watched some kayakers playing some sort of game where they had to net the ball above the river. Plenty of things to see along the river.

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