What a lovely, lovely city! We arrived by train in Porto, on the River Douro, there are at least five bridges spanning the river, which flows to the wild Atlantic.

Today we caught a bus to the beach, it was very windy, the yachts were out and about. There is no way we would have gone for a swim in the choppy conditions!

So we walked back along the riverbank, watching the yachts, the fisherman with their nets, the hundreds of mullet and the many boats cruising up and down.

It’s a great place and the historic buildings are impressive. Many of them are churches, and a lot have beautiful blue and white tiles covering them.

We are staying at the Mirandesa Guesthouse, our room is very cosy-read small! The toilet is indeed a water closet!

There are plenty of places to eat, drink and sit watching the world go by. The metro and buses are easy to navigate, and the trusty blue dot on google maps helps us find our way.

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