San Sebastián #3

We weren’t catching the train until 4pm, so we had a few hours to wander. It was still raining fairly steadily, so a swim was out of the question! But we did walk along the promenade, there was a decorated pavilion of sorts. And someone had gone to a lot of trouble with some sand art. I also liked the way the waves crisscrossed as they came to shore.

We headed for the museum, which looked really good, unfortunately it was closed on Mondays. So the alternative was to walk up to the Jesus statue on top of the hill, great aerobic exercise!

A couple of the shops had very interesting displays, wish I could do something about the reflections!

2 thoughts on “San Sebastián #3

  1. Hi Chris
    Wondering how long you have left on your travels…seems like you have been gone for months…..I guess because you have been… 😊


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