San Sebastián #2

Another wet day in the city…what to do to stay dry? It was too misty to climb the hill, no views, so we headed for the aquarium.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying the exhibits which also gave an historical account of the fishing industry. It was very interesting. I really liked the photos of the way it was a century ago. The tanks were full of interesting sea creatures and there were good explanations.

By the time we came out, the rain had eased and we walked around another promenade, looking at the many yachts and fishermen along the wall. It’s Sunday, and many of the shops are closed, so not a lot to do…unless you want to drink and eat pintxos!

2 thoughts on “San Sebastián #2

  1. Definitely! It’s situated on a beautiful bay, the streets are made for pedestrians and it has a very relaxed feel about it. You can’t doanything about the weather! We’ve had it pretty good up until now.


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