Day trip to Trongsa

A three and a half hour drive from Tang was all it took to arrive in Trongsa. One of our delightful teachers, Ugyen Tenzin kindly drove us…he said he really enjoyed driving and wanted to visit the museum and Dzong himself.

The drive through to Jakar winds around the mountain and into the town. Then we start climbing again towards my favourite place in all of Bhutan…Kiki La Pass. Down into Yathra Village, onto Chhume and Gaytsa, over another pass – Yotong La, more winding roads, with evidence of landslides and accidents, and we were there!

Our first stop was the vegetable market, where we gathered a few things like onions, oranges, ginger and carrots. (We are eating a very healthy diet). Onto the Dzong, it is huge and has a very strategic location above the river. The decoration is incredible. This is the administrative centre as well as the religious home of a number of monks. It is a very serene place. Just wonderful.

After spending quite a while here, we headed for town to have lunch at The Oyster House, then on to the Tower of Trongsa, a watchtower overlooking the Dzong, which is now a museum. We walked up the steep staircase and it was closed! However, a local rang them and we only had to wait a while until lunch break was over.

Ugyen then drove back to Tang, via the weaving village so I could buy another piece and we stopped at Kiki La surrounded by the flags, enjoying a cup of ginger tea. Bliss!

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