Lazy Sunday in Tang

After our big day out on Saturday, which included shopping time in Jakar, it was great to have a day of rest. We slept in and then did a few household chores before wandering down the road for a bit of exercise on Sunday afternoon.

A group of Year 10 girls joined us near the bridge, where we watched some women beating the rice to separate it. We had a go, it was exhausting after about two minutes! We have become so soft in our comfortable western lives.

Then we walked across the swinging bridge and down to the river. Some gorgeous lichen on the trees and beautiful rocks in the river, which was a tad too cool to swim in. We sat for a while with the girls, encouraging them to talk, which they did in a very shy way. It was a lovely afternoon. We sang our national anthem for them and they sang a love song for us. They were all gorgeous young girls, with plans and aspirations for their futures. It would be wonderful to know if their dreams and goals come true. Let’s hope so!

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday in Tang

  1. How special and rewarding. I showed the Moorland kids your last couple of posts on the white board yesterday. Pointed out the computer and iPads and the classroom at Tang Central. Told them to look around at their own room and appreciate how very lucky they are to have the resources they have.
    They were very interested in the school uniforms and your teacher’s garb.
    The senior class said to say Hi to the class over there.
    The student who asked the best questions about everything was… Wade!!


  2. It was a lovely day…it’s the simple things in life! I’m glad the Moorland kids saw the classes. Yes they are very fortunate! I have been working with the high school kids…trying to get them talking…I’m glad it’s Friday, I’m exhausted…I forgot how tiring full time teaching can be. But we’re having lots of fun…I’m trying to get them to loosen up! Quite a task!


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