Mansion in the valley

Last weekend Sonam drove us into Jakar, especially to visit Wangdicholing Palace. Unfortunately it had been closed by the government. So we did our shopping and drove up to Lamai Goemba, a palace of the first king. It is now a museum, it had a number of dried plant and stuffed animal exhibits, I especially loved the variety of pods. We were the only ones there!

After that we drove back towards Tang. The mist was starting to rise as dusk set in. The mountains in the distance were snow-capped, the whole scene was stunning!

We drove up a very rocky road to a mansion high up in the hills. It was almost dark, but the caretaker came and showed us through the many rooms filled with artefacts.

It was like a personal history lesson of life in Bhutan. We viewed water containers, kitchen utensils, winemaking equipment and many other everyday implements. What a tough life! There were numerous doors to pass through, and some very steep stairs. The caretaker and her family have been there for over six generations. Once again we were impressed with the kindness and patience of the people.

4 thoughts on “Mansion in the valley

  1. Hi Chris
    Thanks for sharing your travels again….your blog has been great to read.
    Loved the post about meeting the year 10 girls and spending time down at the river with them…what a lovely time for them to experience with you.
    Your last few posts are a reminder to be grateful for all that we have…to value connections with people and to take time to enjoy simple things.
    Looking fwd to hearing more when you get back.
    Ruth ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Hi Chris

    Really enjoying your blog….loved the post about your time down at the river with the yr 10 girls…lovely way to spend an afternoon…they will always remember it I am sure.
    Your last few posts have really brought home the importance of being grateful for what we have….taking time to connect with others….and enjoying the simple things.
    Look fwd to hearing more when you get back.


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