Our Neighbour, Tshering

We are staying in an upstairs apartment, with a flushing toilet and a very good hot water shower. Our neighbour and we think, her sister live behind us in a log cabin, without either of these facilities.

The women are both relatively old…it’s hard to tell, but possibly around my age (63). They are up early every morning, feeding and milking the cow, gathering water, spreading out vegetables and doing a multitude of other tasks long before we have risen. Sometimes they are barefoot!

Every inch of ground around their cottage is put to use, nothing is wasted. They are preparing for Winter, by drying vegetables, notably chillies, mushrooms, small chokoes and pumpkin. There are lots of baskets full of chokoes!

We are impressed and amazed by their efforts. Always on the go! Tshering was suffering from aching knees today, so Barb fetched some cream. Her poor knees were both swollen and Barb showed her how to apply the cream. We hope it helps!

Once again we realise how easy we have it at home. The days and nights are growing colder, her wood is stacked for her fire, her supplies are increasing daily as she goes about her tasks. She only knows about five English words, and we know none in Dzongkha or Bumtap! But we get by!

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