Farewell to Tang Central School

Once again we were honoured for our contribution to the school. A group of tourists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were visiting the school and they attended the assembly too. They also looked over the library, Special Education Room and Year 2 classroom.

Presentations were given to the top students and captains. There are a number of Year 10 Captains, who are responsible for such things as Sport, Prayers, The Kitchen Mess and Cultural activities. The year 10 students are wonderful, they are so lovely, respectful and nothing is too much trouble. They have worked very hard at the Prayer Days at the temple, serving food, cleaning up and generally being on call from early morning til dark.

We were given a lovely gift, then students and teachers gave speeches to thank us for the work we had done. At the end of the assembly we had the school up dancing to The Chicken Dance, we even managed to have the teachers up on stage for The Macarena. Barb and I both gave very short emotional speeches. What a day!

But that wasn’t the end of it! This morning many of the staff were up early to bid us farewell from the top of the valley. They made tea and biscuits, then drove at 7am to say a final farewell.

The teachers and students have made us feel part of their wonderful school, and it feels like we are leaving old friends. Who knows if we will meet again? But a part of us will always remain at Tang Central School!

One thought on “Farewell to Tang Central School

  1. That is so beautiful Chris!! I can certainly understand why your speeches were emotional! I would have been a blubbering mess.


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