Pokhara, Nepal

After our month in Bhutan, we wanted somewhere quieter than Kathmandu for a few days of relaxation.

It was a long drive…about eight hours. Glad we had a driver, rather than catching a bus!

We have spent three days here, and after the initial shock of how busy it seemed, the days have been glorious and there is plenty to do.

We visited a quieter lake, Begnas. Then Devi Falls and Seti Gorge, both surrounded by houses!

Yesterday we drove up to Sarangkot to look at Annapurna (1,2,3 and 4) as well as other mountains. The view kept changing as mist and cloud floated in and out. We sat for a couple of hours just gazing out and watching the passing parade. After that we stopped to watch the para-gliders, there seemed to be hundreds in the air, but probably only thirty…most were tandem riders. The take-off was certainly rough!

Later we visited The Peace Pagoda. I climbed up the hillside, and the view over Pokhara was impressive, a bit hazy though!

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