Avanning at Kylies Beach

We’ve bought an Avan! Quite a surprise to both of us really as we had not thought we would be travelling much in Australia for a few more years yet. But of course the pandemic has changed many things for people and we are just so lucky to be where we are in our beautiful little town.

So our first trip last year was to Kylie’s Beach in Crowdy Bay National Park. We use to camp there 40 years ago when we would drive up in the VW from Sydney.

Conditions have improved since then, but the weather overnight was not kind to us. So glad we were in the van and not a tent! When nature called, I stepped out into ankle deep water.

It was cosy and for us, luxurious, we loved it!

Walking over the hill to Indian Head from Kylie’s was a nice easy amble. Seeing the devastation of the hut from recent bushfires was a sad reminder of what many people had lost.

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