Edinburgh #1

The plane ride and arrival procedures at Heathrow went very smoothly. But when we finally got to Kings Cross station, the trouble began! There was a massive crowd of people just hanging around, watching the cancellations increase on the train schedule board. After about an hour, our train to Edinburgh was also cancelled. We were told to head over to Euston Station to catch a different train. The crowd there was even larger. As soon as the platform was announced the crowd surged forward…realising there were more people than seats, we joined them and managed to get on board.

So happy to finally be here!

Then we arrived in Birmingham; fire alarms; whole train evacuated; back on the train; too many passengers; people told to get off and wait…many very unhappy travellers. An added issue was the train strike coming the next day. Many people had already changed their travel dates. Keep calm and carry on! We finally arrived in Edinburgh. It doesn’t get dark until around 9:30 – 10pm in Summer! So there was no rush.

Arthur’s Seat: After sitting so long all the way to Scotland, we decided to climb up to this fabulous viewing spot. It took quite a while, but we made it.

The Royal Mile: so busy, full of tourists, buskers and souvenir shops. Plenty to see and enjoy, I was surprised by the large crowds…but it is Summer.

Pirate bagpiper

Portobello Beach: we thought we’d walk to the seaside, it had been so hot the day before. It took us an hour, and by the time we got there it was drizzling. Still a nice little walk along the promenade, in the fresh bracing weather was enjoyable.

We walked over 20000 steps today! Tomorrow we’re off to the museums…many of which have free entry. We finished up in a cosy pub, Lionel with a pint, me with a G&T and the best chips I’ve had in a long time!

Happy Chappy.

7 thoughts on “Edinburgh #1

  1. Those chips look the real deal! Glad you survived the hassle of your journey to Edinburgh, sounds a bit fraught….definitely a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON day! ❤️

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  2. I’m just watching Joanna Lumley touring around England and thought of you, and here you are! I’ll enjoy travelling with you two again. Thanks for doing this blog x

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