Edinburgh #2

First stop, the Museum of Edinburgh. Great little museum on the Royal Mile, loved the way you moved from one exhibit to the next, missing nothing along the way.

Second stop, National Museum of Scotland. It was massive and there were way too many rooms to look at, I loved the Millennium Clock and the Kingdom of the Scots. The view from the rooftop was pretty spectacular too.

The Millennium Clock

Happened upon the Writer’s Museum yesterday, the Robert Louis Stevenson exhibition brought back childhood memories.

We walked along Grassmarket, Lawnmarket and many other cobbled streets. Fleshmarket Close was another interesting one!

The Stones of Scotland

I loved this, it was in the centre of the stones. Each stone in the circle represented an area of Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Edinburgh #2

  1. Haha, no he wasn’t! Yes the weather has been very mild, starting to wonder if I needed as many warm clothes as I packed. We’re in Inverness today and it’s warm and sunny here too.


  2. Those little cute Toby jug looking statues remind me of what you see in Antiques Roadshow and that building on the left looks like the old Cleveland St Highschool!

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