Happily, the directions our host gave us were excellent, and although it’s not very large you can still get lost in the side streets! We found our B&B then wandered off into town for an early dinner at The Seaforth Hotel. A number of the staff were from South Africa, and when we asked one waiter about the football he was quick to reply that nothing much happens around here! It’s too far away! (Well an hour from Inverness)

Ullapool Harbour
Ardmair Beach
Ardmair Beach
Rhue Lighthouse

We walked along the beach( in the wind) and looked at the lighthouse at Rhue. Looked like people were going skin-diving. Brrr. Even the sheep were eating grass snuggled up!

A week by the sea! Rain predicted!
The Main Street
The Sailing Club
At the museum

Ullapool was established as a fishing village in the same year as the First Fleet arrived in Australia. The museum was housed in a small church and described life in and around the town. I was very interested to read about “The Clearances”, life was tough for these people! Evidently they were cleared off their crofts to make way for larger sheep farms ( more profitable for the landlords than tenants). It’s hard to understand, the removal of people from their homelands. A small piece of land, with enough space to live should be every persons birthright. We’ve gone wrong somewhere along the way!

3 thoughts on “Ullapool

  1. Just found Ullapool on map! No wonder it’s getting cold! You’re still way up in the north. Flashes of Chris’s social justice conscience re: crafters being forced off land!! 👍


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