Aberfeldy Show and Games

A beautiful sunny day yesterday and the crowds loved it! We arrived at 10am and didn’t leave til after 6. Lionel spent most of his day watching the heavyweight events. I moved back and forth between Highland Dancing and the field events. The lone piper competition went on for most of the day, so no shortage of bagpipes. This continued while tractors paraded, another piper played for the dancers and later the local pipe band led The Menzies Clan around the ring. Plenty of kilts to be seen, a wee dram of fine whisky, very good hot chips and I was happy!

Horse judging took a long time!
Fundraising to go to World Scout Jamboree in Korea
I want a pair of those socks
Dyed for the occasion!
Lone piper competition
Dogs everywhere!
They came playing, over the bridge and into the games, very stirring!
Clan Menzies Parade
Tractor judging
Only one male dancer in the group
Swing those kilts!
Tossing the caber, only one person managed to flip it…twice.
More men in kilts
Carrying the Menzies Stone, the winner…Yellow Socks!

We watched shotput, hammer throw, caber tossing and weights. “Yellow Socks” won many of these events, it was different seeing them up close and I was very impressed with the strength and efforts of the contestants…

11 thoughts on “Aberfeldy Show and Games

    • I was waiting for you to ask! Yes! The dancer had black undies, and some of the athletes had bike shorts or loose shorts…I thought I saw some flesh when one fellow stood up near me…but it might have just been my imagination!


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