Driving through Glen Coe

We took the long way round from Oban to Aberfeldy and so glad we did! Having missed seeing Ben Nevis in mist, the drive through the Glen was spectacular! We stopped in Glencoe village and walked through the village to the MacDonald Monument.

It really is hard to capture the grandeur of the highlands, but it makes my heart sing! (And my eyes tear up) Again and again humans hurt each other, and it’s hard to understand why they can’t just share the earth peacefully.

The Glencoe visitors centre was excellent, we watched a film on the history and geography of the area. They had reconstructed a peat house, very clever. If we lived nearby, there are plenty of walks to enjoy…not all uphill!

An Tor
An Tor through the trees

Lionel kept stopping for me to take pictures, at one spot a couple of young girls had perched themselves on a rock in the stream and were cooking lunch.

Nice place for a picnic
Looks like Skyfall (James Bond) country

We arrived in Kenmore, a small town at the end of Loch Tay and were amazed to see so many people frolicking on the small stony beach (some were in wetsuits).


8 thoughts on “Driving through Glen Coe

  1. Loving the travel diary Chris, brings back so many memories. We made almost the exact same trip as you, we just went in the opposite direction. Blencoe is truely awe inspiring. You can just picture those berserker celts running through the brakes.

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    • Well, there was nowhere to park nearby, and we were on a mission to find Keltneyburn…our Air BnB. The pictures are a challenge for closeups as I’m just using the iPad, but the beach was crowded.


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