A very wet night at the Military Tattoo

We really didn’t think it would be so wet! The sky kept showing promising patches of light grey during the afternoon. We had our waterproof jackets, but we really should have bought ponchos to go over the top! Well we didn’t, so by the time an hour had passed of sitting in the drizzle, our jeans, bags, shoes and socks were soaked. Oh well, as the Brits would say. Nothing was going to stop the show and it was fabulous.

The seating comes down after August
We had excellent seats
It’s drizzling
Oh those bagpipes

I tried to take half decent pics, but it was slippery and the iPad wasn’t cooperating! I was starting to think we’d have a better time relaxing at home watching on the tele. But then the bagpipes started, and the drums, the kilts and sporrans were swaying and I was happy.

The Mexican Hat Dance
South American contingent
Mexican Butterflies
The show goes on, dancing in the rain
The Grand Finale

There were bands from the USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico and Peru (I think), as well as massed pipes and drums. Highland dancers and a modern Scottish group. They packed a lot into 90 minutes, it was a very well oiled production, so glad we finally enjoyed it live, rain and all!

11 thoughts on “A very wet night at the Military Tattoo

    • Yes! All smiling and putting on their best face. I just kept thinking about their expensive costumes eg feathers and dancing shoes and the instruments…hoping they weren’t being ruined.


  1. I think I would have been quite emotional actually being there listening to the bagpipes. Must have been a bit slippery for those dancers doing the Mexican Hat Dance in the rain!

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    • I was! After seeing it for so many years on TV. The music was Mexican Hat Dance and Tequila…the dancing was different. I couldn’t believe the Highland dancers splashing about in their lace-up ballet shoes. It’s a shame the photos are so dodgy! I didn’t want to totally wreck the iPad.


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