From Edinburgh to Berwick Upon Tweed

We took the scenic route from Edinburgh, and we drove through some beautiful small villages along the way. We stopped for lunch in Berwick, which is in Scotland. I love seeing the harbours at low tide and then again at high tide when the boats are floating. The tides seem more extreme…

Low tide, very low tide at Berwick
Families enjoying the beach, we rarely see anyone swimming
Yarn bombing in Berwick
Along the coast
Looking across the Firth

There are castle ruins and reconstructions everywhere. I’m just happy looking around outside and letting my historical knowledge/ imagination (mostly based on movies) run wild.

Tantallon Castle

Berwick is in Scotland, Berwick Upon Tweed is in England. There are so many place names the same as ours in Australia…I shouldn’t be surprised by that!

Back in his land of birth

Navigation was going well, then of course I had a momentary brain freeze and took us straight past our guesthouse, up a narrow road, which was more of a walking track! Great view from the cliff top.

View over Spittal Beach and harbour

It was sunny when we arrived, so we took the opportunity to go for a swim. I made it past my thighs this time, Lionel dived right in, the water is still freezing!

Low tide again
View from the guesthouse (high tide)

2 thoughts on “From Edinburgh to Berwick Upon Tweed

  1. Bet you wanted to do a bit of ‘yarn bombing’! Should have called Tweed Heads & Coolangatta, Berwick on Tweed & Berwick!!! 😜


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