Berwick Upon Tweed

We stayed just south of the harbour, across the road from Spittal Beach in a fabulous guesthouse (Eastwatch).There are three bridges across the Tweed River, the train bridge is impressive, it’s a viaduct, it was built in the 1800s and the old bridge, which is one way, was built in the 1600s. Wonderful.

The railway viaduct
The old bridge
The three bridges
Flowerpots are popular around town

We walked around the city wall and ramparts. I loved the rooftops with various windows in the attics and the mish mash of chimney pots. The age of these buildings continues to astound me. Then we came across the allotments! I’ve watched so many tv shows that feature these community spaces that I was very pleased to see them in real life!

After we left Berwick Upon Tweed, we stopped near Bamburgh Castle…another tv series “The Last Kingdom” is based around Northumbria. Once again the castle has been restored, I should be pleased this preservation is going on!

Bamburgh Castle
Sand Castle 😁
Distant castle
It’s still too cold for me!

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