Haltwhistle for Hadrian’s Wall

Once again we took the long way round as checkin isn’t usually til 3pm. This means we have all day to get to places, so it’s a stop start kind of journey…anything interesting and we stop!

Haltwhistle was recommended as the place to stay in order to see intact sections of the wall close by. It was an excellent choice. We stayed at The Manor House Inn.

Our first stop was Vindolanda, fort and museum. A major Roman excavation site. The archaeologists have been finding lots of writing tablets…ink on wood. I cannot believe they can sift through the mud and find such minute pieces…then analyse and interpret them.

A photo of a photo in the museum
Roman paths, over 2000 years old
Excavation site
A bit wet…again

The museum was excellent too. Plenty to see and read, really well organised.

Child and adult’s leather shoes, similar to mine!
Reminds me of my head lice comb!
Anyone important had their head on a coin!

Then we went searching for some actual wall! There are so many stone walls in the area, but soon realised the wall along the crest of the hill was the one we were looking for!

The wall was originally about six metres high
The Pennine Way

It made a lot more sense when we could see the remnants of the wall along the ridge, and realising it was originally much higher helped me understand what an impressive barrier to the “wild hordes” in the north it would have been.

The crags

Our last stop for the day was The Roman Museum, which was also excellent. It included a film about life on the wall for soldiers, very informative. By this stage we were glad to escape the rain and took our time looking around.

7 thoughts on “Haltwhistle for Hadrian’s Wall

    • Yes! There were plenty more sites we could have visited, but the drizzle and downpours made it all a bit slippery. The Roman Museum was excellent, they had a movie going which gave us a birds eye view of the wall, turrets and milecastles.


    • There have been a lot of items found at Vindolanda, including hundreds of leather shoes. Objects over 2000 years old…and some things like bolts and locks really haven’t changed very much.


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