Someone said Chester was worth a visit and they were 100% correct. It was an easy drive through the tunnel under the Mersey River from Liverpool, and we arrived fairly early in Chester. We had hours to wander about, so started with a walk around the city walls.

Along the way we stopped at the locks and watched the very slow process the canal boat took to move through the various levels. (I can’t get enough of these canals and locks!)

There were so many interesting places to look at along the walls, the cathedral was gorgeous, and some of the backyards were delightful.

I particularly loved the black and white buildings in the city centre, many have been restored to reflect the Tudor period.

Chimneys and rooftops were another favourite sight, I couldn’t get enough of those either!

The Grosvenor Museum had an excellent film about the development of the city and a bonus was the collection of original artworks by Quentin Blake for The BFG.

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