Beatles, Mersey River, Immigration, WW2 Dockside Bombings, Titanic connection, and of course football! We spent three days walking around the docks and cobbled streets, in beautiful sunny weather, with thousands of Brits out enjoying themselves over the Bank Holiday weekend. Lots were in party mode, and having just won a game (9-0), the Liverpool fans were out in force. As were the young and not so young party goers. Decked out in their best and wearing dangerously high stilettos, they were out on the town for a big few nights.

Famous for lots of reasons…
Two teams…Liverpool and Everton…now I know
Taken through a window, bad luck about the dot.

We started at the Mersey River, what a great waterfront, plenty to see and do at The Museum of Liverpool and later The Maritime Museum. What a history! Dockyard strikes affecting so many families, the migration of millions to Australia, US and Canada from here, and the bombing during the war all add to the tough resilience of the Liverpool people. So down to earth, a place that beats to its own drum, I loved it!

An escape route?

It was Beatle Week, but really, except for the crowd around The Cavern Club and Mathew St, you wouldn’t have known it was on. I guess I expected the whole city to be interested in this event with banners and buskers everywhere. But it was much more low key. I did visit the Beatles Museum while Lionel went for a pint, it was quite interesting and nostalgic.

Original art for Sgt Pepper’s
Cilla ~ 🎵You’re my world🎵
Didn’t realise they were so tall!

The Liverpool Cathedral was massive and free. However I was a bit stunned to find a cafe inside, as well as art exhibits, a shop and one section set up for wedding parties! Doesn’t seem quite right!

Note the tables in the background
The ceiling

The Museum of Liverpool has dog statues around the city…a bit like our Koala trail in PM.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool

    • Yes, I felt right at home here! I did live in Liverpool, NSW for a number of years, so maybe there was some connection…certainly not a posh place (according to our hotel receptionist).


  1. Liverpool looks like so much fun. It certainly wasn’t that exciting when I was there! I never thought Cilla was that skinny either! Artistic licence!


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