Well you never know what you will find around the next bend in the road! We found a car boot sale. I had to be very strong and restrain myself.

When we arrived in Porlock, they were setting up for carnival night. It’s only a small village, and we were asked to move on each time we thought we had found a place to park! Anyway, it worked out fine and we had a fabulous view of the parade, sitting outside the pub with a Guinness.

View from our room at The Lorna Doone Hotel

We also went out to look at Porlock Weir. I love these little harbours, it still amazes me that the boats stay upright on their “stands” when the tide is out!

After Porlock we stopped in at Bude to look at the seaside pool, couldn’t actually get to it cause the tide was in, but we wandered along the beach and onto another weir.

Note the wetsuits!

Boscastle was also an interesting stop along the way.

We also visited the Lynmouth and Lyndon cliff railway. It’s powered by water, caught the train up the cliff then walked back down.

7 thoughts on “Porlock

  1. Portlock looks quirky. We found Parking, even in small towns, quite challenging. Good decision to show restraint at car boot sales! Too hard to bring stuff home. Now to my atlas to find Portlock! 🤪

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    • Haha, I didn’t say I didn’t buy anything! But yes, I’m trying to be sensible. Parking is a bit of a nightmare, and you have to pay in most places, cause parking on the street is almost impossible!


  2. You find the most amazing and unusual places. Lucky to see the parade. It’s a shame you couldn’t buy anything, that must have hurt. Those tides are certainly huge.

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    • The tides seem to have a much bigger range between high and low than ours do. I’ve bought a few pieces of Willow pattern in the charity shops…will have to pack carefully to get it home unbroken!


  3. What a gorgeous little town!!! Looks like you are both staying well which is fabulous! I’ve finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. Caught it in on a visit to Umina. Bugger!


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