Delabole (near Tintagel)

I had been looking forward to visiting Tintagel due to my lifelong interest in King Arthur and anything to do with Merlin too. I’m sorry to say it was a disappointment, and very commercial (surprise). We chose not to “cross the bridge” and explore the ruins. Instead, we climbed the nearby hill and gazed from afar. Just as good really. My imagination could picture Arthur on the summit, just like in the movies!

Picture of a promotional picture

We stayed at The Poldark Inn, named after another famous character. It was in the perfect place, at a cross roads. It rained most of the night and I could look across the moors. Kate Bush or Demelza Poldark could have been out there. Or perhaps a coach heading for Jamaica Inn?

2 thoughts on “Delabole (near Tintagel)

  1. Shame Tintagel was a disappointment for you! We were there pre-bridge and there was no commercial development. Glad you still had your Poldark experience on the moors. Enjoy the rest of Cornwall.


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