Staying for three nights at The Pirate Inn (where else?) There will be no swimming down here! The waves are pounding the sea wall and when it’s not raining, it’s blowing a gale!

We drove down to Land’s End and thought we might get blown away! They have made a real money spinner here, charging £7.90 for the privilege of parking. If you want your pic taken under the sign it’s another £7.95 thankyou very much! It is cordoned off to the rest of us! Am I sounding a little cynical? Haha, it’s just a shame and a little bit greedy I think!

Outside the rail was as close as we could get!
There’s a lighthouse out there!

We also drove to Mousehole and out onto the Quay looking for parking. Lucky we were in the Suzuki and Lionel could turn around in a small space!

This is where Lionel took us!
The Suzuki on the Quay
It’s very slippery!

Another place we really wanted to go was St Michael’s Mount. You can walk out along the causeway at low tide. Unfortunately the day we went it was closed, the seas were too wild!

As close as we got to The Mount
The start of the causeway exposed
Wild and Woolly weather

The best bargain of the whole holiday was the £5 all day bus ticket. You can go anywhere in Cornwall on the buses. We caught a couple of buses down to the Lizard, which is actually the southernmost point on mainland Britain. Not quite as wild and woolly as Land’s End!

At the Lizard
I can just imagine Ross Poldark on these cliffs!
Marazion town
We were on the double decker bus, passing the mini. Some of the streets were narrower and the bus just plodded through.

In Penzance there was a road full of op shops and old wares, I spent a while wandering around while Lionel had a pint in the pub. Bliss!

This shop was full of very quirky knick knacks, that I don’t need!

6 thoughts on “Penzance

    • Yes it certainly is Maree. We were eating dinner in a pub, when the landlord rang the bell (like the town crier) and announced the death of Her Majesty. We raised a glass to her. I’m not a royalist, but she was an exceptionally stable part of our lives and I admired her. It is definitely the end of an era.

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