Port Isaac (aka Portwen)

This was an essential stop on our journey! It was wonderful to wander along the beachfront and recognize some of the locations from Doc Martin. I’m going to have to rewatch episodes now to check!

When the sun comes out…
The old schoolhouse ~ currently a hotel

We arrived quite early in the morning, so the car park had spaces and there were not swarms of people around. By the time we left, an hour or so later, it was getting very busy.

The house they use for Doc Martin’s surgery is up for sale…something over One million pounds. There’s a private property sign on the chain across the front of the house, I think the owners are a bit tired of tourists hanging about!

The path where those annoying girls walk past Doc’s place giggling.

The weather is very unpredictable at the moment. One minute we’re sweltering and the next reaching for our raincoats!

Some of the streets look freshly painted. I imagine a fair bit of cosmetic work and alterations has to be done around the town when filming begins.

3 thoughts on “Port Isaac (aka Portwen)

  1. Knew you’d love Port Isaac! Did you go into Mrs Tishell’s pharmacy? A local commented to us that they get more Aussie visitors there than any other group! 👍


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