Weymouth #1

Our last stop on the coast before heading inland towards London. We arrived on a busy Saturday, the crowds were out enjoying a Seafood Festival and the lovely sunshine. Our tiny apartment is right near the harbour. There is plenty to see from the bedroom window.

We’re staying just behind the yellow/white building

It’s a bit like Blackpool, without the fun piers. There are however plenty of amusements and rides along the esplanade. The buildings are gorgeous, and the backstreets are narrow and quaint. Lots of pubs!

After we had spent an afternoon wandering about town and watching the bridge go up for the yachts, we had a great fish and chip dinner at the Marlboro. I have a new love to go with chips…curry sauce, it’s yummo!

The next day we drove to Lulworth Cove and walked down to view the Durdle Door, it was very impressive. The white cliffs reminded me of an old movie where Sting rides his “mod” scooter over the edge.

Durdle Door

There are so many gorgeous little villages along the way, and beautiful rolling hills. It’s hard getting a decent shot as the hedgerows are all too high! I did manage a few pics of the thatched roofs on the cottages. Lovely!

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