Weymouth #2

We had planned on stopping in Lyme Regis, but it was so busy on Saturday, we couldn’t find anywhere to park! So we decided Chesil Beach would have to do for some fossil hunting!

View from the quarry on the Isle of Portland down the Jurassic Coast

But first of all we drove to the Isle of Portland nearby. Portland Bill is the name of the lighthouse and I can imagine how important it would have been for passing ships. I clambered over rocks to get a pic of Lionel at The Pulpit, where he was chatting with some fishermen.

I didn’t walk around to meet him…a bit slippery and narrow
They use this to lower the boats into the water
Love these cliffs
No fences…there’s a pathway very close to the edge

Later we came across Tout Quarry and Sculpture Park. That was after we had walked halfway down a hill to a cove and decided it wasn’t very good for swimming.

Let’s go back up the hill
Lionel and his new friend
Sacrificial altar?
Stone circles

There were great views of Weymouth and Chesil Beach from the quarry, so after we had explored there, we headed for the beach with the intention of swimming. Well! Chesil Beach is all lucky stones and after we had trudged up the hill to it we decided a swim wasn’t on the cards. We did sit for a while examining lots of rocks…hoping to find something Jurassic!

The Fleet, a lagoon behind the beach
World Heritage site
Resting on the beach
A very popular pastime, catching very small crabs, then throwing them back
Sand sculpture for the platinum jubilee

We ended our evening at a trivia night, where we came second! Ha, in a tie-breaker! Really must study up on those European cities.

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