Amesbury and Stonehenge

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to visit Stonehenge. There was always something mystical about it. Not being overly religious, I think it appealed to my pagan spirit! We drove to Salisbury first, but it was so busy we just drove on through and out to old Sarum.

Love these!

I had read the book a number of years’ ago and was keen to see what it looked like. The reconstruction posters and information were excellent.

Amesbury, where we stayed, is just down the road from Stonehenge, it’s on the River Avon, and seems to have more than it’s fair share of pubs!

We spent more than three hours at Stonehenge. There is an excellent visitors centre, very interesting and informative. I loved the surround slide show which showed sunrise, sunset and the changing seasons at Stonehenge. So good.

First view
Visitors centre
Slide show
Slide show ~ Winter time
This is an image of what Woodhenge might have looked like
Woodhenge today, stone columns represent the wooden circles

Even though there were hundreds of people wandering around the perimeter (it’s no entry past the ropes) I still felt very fortunate to view this magnificent site. 3000BC…Ancient History!

3 thoughts on “Amesbury and Stonehenge

  1. On my first visit to UK in 90’s you could wander all around the stones. The last time we went it was totally reorganised with visitors walking big circle around so you could get photos with no one in them. Thought this was a clever improvement! 👍

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