HRH Elizabeth II

Today was a very sad day for the people of Britain. Their beloved Queen’s funeral was held. We joined hundreds of people in Hyde Park to watch the Funeral and procession on the big screen. Knowing, that being a shortie, there was little chance of seeing the actual procession along the chosen route.

I am not a royalist, but have lived through 66 years of the Queen’s 70 year reign. She has always seemed to be a calm and considerate sovereign. The British people have continually referred to her life of service, she has kept her promise…a rare thing these days.

Standing, listening to the lone piper at the end of the service bought tears to my eyes. I’m not sure why…except I believe her passing signifies the end of an era.

It was only chance that had us in London at this momentous time in our history. Thousands lined up for hours to pay their respects, thousands of others laid flowers in Green Park. Shops had signs, photos and messages of condolence. The mood in London has been sombre, but certainly not down. People have been polite, and going out of their way to be helpful.

The crowds have been massive…at museums, on the main streets and public transport. But in their usual fashion, the Brits have taken it in their stride and carried on.

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