London Calling

So we didn’t get to see everything on the list! Oh well…we gave it a good shot! London was busier than we expected, and the crowds flocked to all the famous landmarks.

Peter Pan, Hyde Park
Moore sculpture, Hyde Park

We stayed in a great budget hotel (The London Elizabeth) at Lancaster Gate, right near Hyde Park. So we walked and walked and walked! Sometimes we caught the “tube” or a double decker bus, but mainly we found ourselves walking from one well known location to another.

The Cast Room Victoria and Albert Museum
Near Knightsbridge

I managed a few hours at the Victoria and Albert (by myself😁) and enjoyed wandering about, although some of the textiles I had hoped to see were not available. I’d walked through Knightsbridge to get there and felt like a complete dag…the doorman looked better turned out!

We also found Portobello Markets, a bit more expensive than my usual op shop adventures. But I did find some cheesecloth tops! Hooray. A quick trip to the British Museum and we couldn’t wait to escape. The crowds were massive…no fun there. ( Honestly we did notice a lot of artefacts that we had managed to view in their country of origin!)

Closest thing I could find to a convict hulk
Cutty Sark at Greenwich
Your time starts now!

My favourite thing was the Uber along the Thames. Budget conscious as always, I found a cheaper way to get to Greenwich and pass under the various bridges, fabulous.

Unfortunately Westminster was out of the question. The crowds to view the Queens’ coffin stretched along the Thames for five miles. We did manage to see Buckingham Palace, but the guards weren’t moving very much. So many roads and pathways diverted because of the funeral procession. I found the crowds overwhelming…strange I know for someone who loves travelling in Asia!

Guess we’ll just have to consider coming back another time.

3 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Is that it??? When are you returning home?? I haven’t written the date down! So much to see in Britain. Well worth a return trip. You’ve given it a good shake anyway. Safe travels!

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