Baku#3 Novruz Celebrations

The city is buzzing. There are thousands of people out and about celebrating Novruz, which is a week long festival to herald in Spring. There are decorations everywhere, and stages in the old city, and by the water, with many music and dance performances.

I just love the music, which has my feet tapping and my body swaying…(I’m sure you get the picture). The children dancing today were wonderful, such concentration! The costumes were just beautiful, so colourful with very intricate embroidery.

We also went to a puppet show, just for something different! It cost around $9 for the three of us. Well the last time we saw puppets was in Hanoi with Jo…water puppets…a very long performance, and although we didn’t have a clue what was going on, this one only lasted 40 minutes.

Outside the puppet theatre

Jo had other commitments tonight, so we were on our own…found a fabulous restaurant, Boroni, (glad there were pictures in the menu) with very sweet young waiters. The place was packed with locals and I think we were a bit of a rarity! A few inquisitive glances from the diners. People are keen to chat and practice their English. “Where are you from?” is the usual question, I don’t think anyone has guessed Australia yet!

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