Another big day walking around town. We headed for the funicular and a fabulous view (somewhat hazy) of the Caspian Sea. The operator was out to lunch so we walked down to the city and made our way to the old part of town.

Jo suggested a rooftop snack, but the cafe was closed for Novruz. So we headed into the Palace of the Shirvanshahs and wandered around. It’s impressive when you realise it was built centuries ago, without modern machinery.

Old Hamam

After the palace, we meandered through the alleyways, there’s so much to see and around every corner something different to admire. The area around the Maiden’s Tower was teeming with families out enjoying the beautiful weather…much better and warmer than we had expected…so easy to understand why cultures would celebrate the coming of Spring!

City walls

The contrast between old and new is everywhere, and the Flame Towers seem to dominate the skyline, wherever you look!

Maiden’s Tower

10 thoughts on “Baku#2

  1. I’m sure I heard that due to Russian irrigation etc that the Caspian Sea has lost a lot of it’s former volume!! Did it look like “the tide was out” at Baku?

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  2. Yes, we’ve heard that too, but the tide was still lapping against the promenade. There are very few vessels in the downtown area…evidently most are further down the coast.


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