Kakheti Wine Region

We flew into Tbilisi, Georgia and drove to Sighnaghi for a few days to explore the wine region with Jo before she is back at work. Wine production is said to have begun in Georgia, and we had the opportunity to visit wineries which were still using traditional as well as modern methods to make millions of litres per year.

Lionel guarding the contraption outside Khareba Winery
Jo could have climbed inside these jars which hold 1500 litres of wine
The tunnels

Our guesthouse host, George drove us to the wineries which were located along a wine trail over an hours drive from Sighnaghi. The fields were covered in vineyards as well as beautiful blossoms in pink and white. In the distance the snow capped Caucasus Mountains could be seen.

Our first stop was Winery Khareba. This winery had underground tunnels that kept the wine at a consistent temperature and housed thousands (or was it millions) of bottles, all with corks and needing to be turned twice a year! What a task!

Artwork on the winery wall

Our next winery was a corporation which exported to many countries, but not Australia…yet. Our guide Maia, showed us the traditional clay pots which are buried in the ground and covered to allow fermentation to occur. Amazing. They also had a cellar where people kept their purchased wine and collected it as required ( sometimes to sell when the price increased significantly).

Flags representing where they export their wine
The clay pots are under these lids, wine happily fermenting
Customer storage area, labelled with names

Our third, and most interesting stop was at a Wine Museum, it was full of wine implements and all sorts of everyday items from the past. I loved it. PS. We did taste a few wines along the way…

A street near the museum under repair
Love this cabin!
In the museum, I thought it was for us! Alas no…

10 thoughts on “Kakheti Wine Region

  1. You should have stayed longer at Khareba & helped turn the bottles! I’m assuming the civil unrest in Georgia has settled as haven’t heard anything on the news.


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