Sighnaghi, City of Love

Well, that’s what they say, and we can understand why you could fall in love with this place! There’s a walled city. It’s in the heart of the wine region. It has a very old history. The Caucasus Mountains frame the view, the air is clean. The people are very friendly and hospitality is their middle name. The food is delicious. Did I mention the wine?

Bodbe Monastery
City walls being restored

We’ve spent three days here, wandering around the old town, exploring backstreets, admiring the vista, eating lovely fresh food, as well as trips to surrounding areas. The wine is a bit too easy to enjoy! Haha. This afternoon we sat in the sun and enjoyed a couple of glasses while gazing at the mountains. The day trippers had left, so the quad bikes were quiet. We could have stayed for hours, but dinner called and we headed back down into town.

Breakfast on the deck, outside our room
Artworks in the park

The brickwork and decorative details on the buildings are beautiful. The artworks throughout the city are somewhat quirky, but also proudly commemorating Georgia’s past. There are so many unique sights to see. It’s just wonderful.

Great place for a glass or two
Come on up!
Lionel’s birthday street
Fresh meat and vege
Sweets, you break off bit by bit, tasting tomorrow!
Lovely designs at the monastery

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