New Tbilisi

It’s such a mix of old and new! Churches that are centuries old, right near to very new and modern structures.

Peace Bridge

We caught the tramway up to the Mother of Georgia and Narikala fortress. It gave us a wonderful view of the river and surrounding areas.

Mother of Georgia, looks over the city
Just a small cup of warm wine to keep us sustained!
Brave protesters

The museums are wonderful. We visited the History Museum, located in an old caravanserais, and the National Museum, which included an “Occupation” display which was very moving.

Spinning hasn’t changed very much!
In the history museum
Nino, a felt and enamel artist at the museum

We also visited the Chronicles of Georgia, which have been compared to Stonehenge! But only recently constructed. They told the story of Georgia’s creation and their Christian heritage, dating thousands of years…very impressive.

Chronicles of Georgia
It’s a work in progress…

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