Old Tbilisi

Well, here we are, five glasses of very easy to drink Georgian wine and I’m feeling very mellow! We have had a wonderful time in Georgia’s capital, and tonight a fabulous meal topped it off.

Love the decorations
Verandah over the street.

There has been so much to see and do in the six days we have spent here, we have averaged 15,000 steps a day…it’s so good to be out walking again!

How do they keep standing?
Near the old city walls

The houses and verandahs are just fabulous, you wonder how they are still standing! I wanted to take pictures on every corner, so interesting.

Very old vines

There are hammans, fortresses, churches, old buildings, verandahs that look very precarious and more churches! It’s a wonderful place to walk and take in the sights

Abandoned house
Newer hamams
Can’t get enough of these buildings
Out of a scene from Dr Zhivago…but there was snow!
Sulfur Baths

6 thoughts on “Old Tbilisi

    • A hamam is a Turkish bath, Jo and I are going to one on Friday night with her friends, so I’ll let you know! And I don’t know what the sulfur baths are, cause we didn’t look inside (it was closed).


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